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Contract ASP.NET Developer
John M. Johnson, II
Tampa, FL

Contract Development Services

I am a programmer specializing in web applications for the Windows Server platorm.

Web Design

Though I can rarely be found within Adobe Photoshop, I do design websites. Typically, I use Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 for all layouts.

Web Development

All web development is done within ASP.NET, either with C# or VB.NET, depending on your preference. If you need a CMS, Umbraco will most likely be used.

Application Development

If you need a .NET WinForms application (desktop application) or a Windows Service developed or already have one that needs maintenance, I am your guy.

Database Development

Usually, I work within Microsoft SQL Server (all versions), but I can write code, reports, and/or whatever you may need in any RDBMS (Relational Database Management System - IE: MS SQL, MySQL, Access, Oracle, etc).

Getting in touch.

Shoot me an email, text message, or give me a call.